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Cooperative Principles

  1. Voluntary and open membership: Cooperative are voluntary organizations, open to all people able to use its services and willing to accept the responsibilities of membership, without gender, social, racial, political or religious discrimination.
  2. Democratic member control: Cooperative are democratic organizations controlled by their members - those who buy the goods or use the services of the cooperative - who actively participate in setting policies and making decisions.
  3. Member's economic participation: Members contribute equally to and democratically control the capital of the cooperative. This benefits members in proportion to the business they conduct with the cooperative rather than on the capital invested.
  4. Autonomy and independence: Cooperative are autonomous, self help organization controlled by their members. If the coop enters into agreement with other organizations or raises capital from external sources, it is done so based on terms that ensure democratic control by the members are maintains the cooperatives autonomy.
  5. Education, training and information: Cooperative provide education and training for members, elected representative , managers and employees so they can contribute effectively to the development of their cooperative. Members also inform the general public about the nature and benefits of cooperatives.
  6. Cooperation among cooperatives: Cooperatives serve their member most effectively and strength the cooperative movement by working together through local, national, regional and international structures.
  7. Concern for community: White focusing on member needs, cooperative work for the sustainable development of communities through policies and programs accepted by the members.
Cooperative Values
Self - help We help people to help themselves.
Self - responsibility We take responsibility for and answer to our action.
Democracy We give our members a say in the way we run our business.
Equality No matter how much money a member invests in their share account, they still have one vote.
Equity We carry out our business in a way that is fair and unbiased.
Solidarity  We Share interests and common purposes with our members and other cooperatives
Openness Nobody's perfect and we won't hide it when we're not.
Honesty We are honest about what we do and the way we do it.
Social responsibility We encourage people to take responsibility for their own community and work together to improveit.
Caring for other We regularly fund charities and local community groups from the profits of our businesses.